Why You Should Not Choose a PSD to HTML Conversion Software Over a Developer

Hiring a developer for PSD into HTML conversion is a great move for a better online presence of your website. Let's take a look at some of the cons of the PSD to HTML conversion tool.

Why You Should Not Choose a PSD to HTML Conversion Software Over a Developer

Posted on : Jun 15, 2021

Custom websites are the new language of web development that every enterprise wants to own. The standard theme websites are old school, and everyone wants to personalize their website. A great website is a collaborative effort of two entities, a designer and a developer. The designer uses Photoshop to prepare the visual layout, and the developer writes codes to make the website functional. PSD to HTML conversion is a combined workflow of both aspects. With the growing competition, people want automatic PSD to HTML conversion solutions.

Software that can automatically convert PSD designs to HTML is available in the market. This saves time and money. But are they capable of replacing the developers? Along with the positive values this software adds to your business, you should also understand the challenges that might come along. Let's take a look at some of the cons of the PSD to HTML conversion tool.

1. Lack of sensitive detailing

Your website is going to be handled by humans and used by humans. Automating it is a significant step, but you might lose the detailing in development designed specifically for your audience. Behind creating a website, lies some emotional and aesthetic factor which appeals to the audience. The software cannot understand these details of your design, which will be reflected in the final output.

2. No SEO implementation

The purpose of a website is to represent you and rank high in internet searches. Therefore, SEO implementation is a must. Along with that, there has to be a plagiarism check, check on image tags and many other small things that create a huge impact. A simple software will not understand these details. So you will have a website but with no SEO effect.

3. Improper image formats

PSD to HTM conversion involves loading the images on the website. The texts in the code are also converted to images. These tasks need an expert understanding. The photos have to be optimized and should be displayed very quickly when the website opens. You can lose potential clients with delay in the display of images or its improper display.

4. Difficult coding

The coding is a one-time activity, but it should have the scope to be improvised. There might be changes in the design, or some new person can take over the development. The coding created by PSD to HTML software should be easy to understand and edit. The other aspect here is responsiveness on every platform. A developer will take care of the coding to ensure that the website performs well on every remote device. In contrast, the software will only complete the task without considering any of the above.

Hiring a developer to convert PSD into HTML is a better move. If you want better online results to be delivered by your website, then get a developer. You can connect with us for all your needs associated with PSD to HTML conversion. We are here to help you in making your website more responsive and exquisite. So, connect with us today to get the best services at an affordable rate.



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