Why Marketers Love PSD to HTML Email Templates

Cold emails to your business prospects need not be so cold. You need to set aside the boring email text and solidify your marketing efforts with dynamic and attractive PSD to HTML email templates.

Why Marketers Love PSD to HTML Email Templates

Posted on : Apr 13, 2021

The mode of marketing that the ever-changing world has least impacted is digital and email marketing. Cold emails take up a large chunk of that section. Marketers have realized that the best way to make and maintain a professional relationship with customers is through email.

But, just a punchy CTA won’t suffice if you’re trying to attract a larger audience.

How you present yourself truly matters, especially in the current times when digital consumption of information is high. So how do you ensure that your emails break out from the clutter?

PSD to HTML email templates can add that extra oomph that your marketing efforts need. 

Why do You Need PSD to HTML Email Templates

Email continues to be a prevalent mode of reaching out to your target sections, but if the messaging and visuals don’t align with your product or service, it’s wasted effort. But how do designers and coders work together to bring about a site that is visually appealing and responsive at the same time?

This is where PSD to HTML email template service helps.

It includes a design-to-code process where a Photoshop document is converted into a functioning HTML code. This method is popularly used for websites as it converts static images into actionable, interactive websites.

Visual appeal

PSD to HTML emails allows email templates to take advantage of Photoshop’s visual effects, including pixel-perfect design, unique imagery, and retina quality graphics. These include graphics, links, buttons, etc.

While focusing on the visuality of the email, there are some things to keep in mind -

  • Prefer using a clean layout
  • Avoid using too many pictures
  • Use catchy content and texts

Responsive Emails

The increasing dominance of the mobile era only asks for more mobile-friendly marketing strategies. If your emails are not optimized to look good on a mobile screen and end up looking unfinished or crooked, it is enough to turn off a potential customer. PSD to HTML emails are built to load correctly on mobiles, boosting your brand identity while pleasing your potential customer.


PSD to HTML emails have proven to be highly customizable according to your company’s needs. With the unbeatable mix of relevant images and quality code, it is easy to make relevant email design changes based on the evolving campaigns and design requirements.


Most readers don’t even bother opening emails that feel like they have been sent to a list. And they are more likely to open a mail if they don’t see anything that adds value to them. PSD to HTML templates makes it extremely easy to personalize emails so that you can grab and retain the attention of your target audience.

High engagement

Despite some debate, the thick paragraphs of writing don’t give the readers much to hold on to. Instead, using images and clickable elements can significantly improve your CTR. You can help this further by highlighting your unique selling point, so it catches the reader’s eye immediately.

In conclusion

There are several PSD to HTML conversion services available online. While it’s easy to reap multiple benefits from HTML emails, here are some things you should look for in a PSD to HTML email template service -

  • Quick and simple process
  • Manually coded templates
  • High delivery speed
  • Post-delivery support
  • Non- Disclosure and data Security offered

An amalgamation of these features and the marketing team’s efforts can elevate a company’s marketing game by multi-folds.



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