The Future Of WordPress Development in 2019

The Future Of WordPress Development in 2019

Posted on : Mar 15, 2017

WordPress is one of the best CMS. With a lot of changes in WordPress Development, we see a lot is offered to the development services and this has become the top development services for the clients. We know many things about WordPress and its plugins. This blog will lead you to the future of the WordPress. This will give you a clear vision of the WordPress Development in the year 2019.

Mobile first websites:

Mobiles have become the first priority of many users. Many of the tasks such as searching, shopping, paying, finding directions, etc are done by this small device. Thus, the rise of the growth and development will be seen in this year as well. So, the developers will have to work hard and have to change their focus and design such that the WordPress websites are designed mobile-friendly. Bootstrap is one solution to develop the mobile-friendly websites and above all, we have Google favoring the mobile-friendly websites, so we can say that the mobile first websites trend is here. There is no doubt that we have a number of themes available, and so in the year 2019, we are hoping to let the number increase. 

Encryption and HTTPS focus:

In the technical term the sending and the receiving of the data is done through HTTP and HTTPS. In the case of HTTP, this data transmission is not secured. The data send via this form is easily encrypted, which increases the threat. Whereas, in the case of HTTPS, the data send via this form is highly secured and there are less chances of data loss and hacking. Way back in the previous years, Google announced HTTPS to be the ranking factor for the search engine results. So, keeping this trend in mind, this year the developers will surely keep their more focus on HTTPS transmission.

Optimized themes:

WordPress is now ruling over the web. The multipurpose themes are most common among the developers and the users allowing them to design and develop a complete website. Thus, with the increase in the demand, the developers come out with the some superb designs. With the consistent growth in terms of data on mobile devices, the developers are prompted to use responsive themes which are compatible with any sort of design. So, the responsive themes will be in great demand this year.

Video headers:

This is no longer a new concept; as such many themes are now offering such functionality. Adding a video content will surely impact your site, and if the addition of the video headers are done, is like a cherry on the cake. Full sized video resolution is what is expected. Well, this is not the saturation point, though the growth in terms of popularity will result in optimized themes. We often see the video headers in a many sites, which lack in performance, but in the near future we will see some performance optimized sites.

SAAS model

It is good to follow and implement a model while developing. There are a lot of premium WordPress service providers transitioning in SAAS model. This is something new to the WordPress community. These Open Source plugins are affordable and could be a big blow to the circle. And not only that, this trend will be catching up heat soon.


We see a lot of cold fights among the websites in terms of design. There will be a constant fight when it comes to uniqueness. Keeping this thing in mind WordPress has made constant changes and customizations that are useful for the businesses. The HTML, CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript provide unique web pages. Now, is the trend where people prefer less cluttering on the website. Hence, the WordPress developers develop a single page website which has less cluttering and is suitable to the business. So, there is no doubt that single page design concept will still be active in this year. The design pattern includes one more trend of parallax scrolling. This is the concept where the foreground moves faster than the background and creates an illusion of a 3D effect. Well, the design improvements are likely to be implemented this year.


With the increase in the mobile apps and the E-commerce, the use of the Woo-commerce plugin has also increased. There are some E-commerces which require simple yet robust CMS as you need a constant upgradation in their product. With the high amount of flexibility, scalability, and security, we see WordPress at a new height. With the fast growing world, and the use of the mobile phones, we can say that this year, we will completely have E-commerce fun. 

Final Thoughts:

2019, is going to be an exciting year for the WordPress lovers. Many changes and upgradation are seen and are to be implemented in the course to come. 

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