PSD To HTML – The Best Solution For Website Performance

PSD To HTML – The Best Solution For Website Performance

Posted on : Apr 04, 2017

Creating a website itself is a tedious job. No doubt it is filled with creativity and rich features to simply implement the graphics and designs that pleases the user. Now, if everything is great except for performance then, your hard work is wasted. While you are converting your PSD to HTML5, apart from look and feel, its performance should also be taken care of. Here, are a few conversion solutions to improve your performance.

Advantages of Converting PSD to HTML5:

Well, HTML5 is the latest web standard language, which has changed the course and has simplified the process of creating the websites. There are such websites which are loaded with images, which drastically reduces the website’s speed and hampers the performance.
Well, besides this, HTML5 uses CSS3 for making the website more presentable. Well, through CSS, you can remove the images from the unwanted parts which improve the speed and performance of the website.
Thus, the conversion of PSD to HTML5, provides a lot of benefits to the websites. It is the easiest way to develop websites wherein you can manage speed, performance, and accuracy of websites.
Well, here are a few best solutions of PSD to HTML5 for the case of website performance.

Browser Compatibility:

Nowadays, the PSD to HTML5 conversion is such that they can be adjusted in any of the devices. We have varied users using tablets and smartphones and stays connected to the browsing sites. So, it’s very important to create a responsive website that is compatible with all devices. Having a good knowledge of HTML, CSS, and other web technologies would be of great advantage. Also, the web design knowledge like color schemes, typography, and look and feel of the websites would be great. These all helps to increase the performance of the website and also helps to increase the visitors.


Once you are in your business, you get lots of data which includes customers, their shopping patterns, etc. Now, these data are valuable. They help you in your business growth and also in planning newer strategies. Well, if you choose a right CMS, then you can easily manage your content. As such, PSD to HTML5 conversion improves the experience of the visitors on the website. And thus, such a well structured and organized site ensures easy and flexible execution of work. One should also design the CMS in such a way that if the content is increased or decreased the content is not affected. In short, the design should be dynamic in nature.

Less Development Cost:

Well, the slicing of the PSD is a time consuming job which, in the future can turn very expensive. If the design is difficult, it's more man power and time, which increases the budget. Well, there is no harm in designing the design in the browser itself. But, this method is any way not beneficial; as there is no guarantee and security. So, the conversion method is a lot beneficial as it prevents the implementation of the wrong designs in the final output. This surely decreases the cost of the project and many can grab the opportunity of lower development cost.

You are the master:

While you are slicing, it is upto you, how much time and resources you would need to complete the task. You have to decide for yourself about the placing and styling of the objects. If you have a thorough knowledge of designing, then you can easily manage the performance and code something different to improve the speed and improve the performance of the website. For this, you need a sound knowledge of coding and slicing.

Final Thoughts:

It is really tricky to manage the website’s performance. Well, it sounds simple, but in reality, it takes a lot of time, knowledge, and hard work. Well, these are the best solutions to improve the performance of a website in the PSD to HTML5 conversion case. 


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