7 Tips to Convert PSD to HTML

7 Tips to Convert PSD to HTML

Posted on : Dec 13, 2016

In the era of ecommerce, everyone wants to have SEO friendly and robust websites. Photoshop based websites are the ones which creates an impact on the online business.

Tips to convert PSD to HTML in a hassle-free way:

Here’s where PSD to HTML comes into play by giving a proper performance of the website. To increase your online presence, it’s high time that you start converting your PSDs into HTML.

Approaches for converting PSD into HTML

1. Avert the use of Blending Modes:

The blending modes can give you the stunning effects for your websites. However, it is advisable not to use the effect because you will not be able to generate its CSS later on. Well, even if you use these effects in your websites, but in the end, it will generate to altogether a different HTML code.

2. Avert flattening while combining the Layers:

The designers, very often have to flatten or combine the layers in Photoshop to run the website smoothly. It is advisable not to combine or flatten as it becomes quite difficult for a new designer to understand and customize the design. Well, there’s a risk-free option instead of flattening. You can merge the layers and continue designing so that the new designer and you can easily customize and understand the design.

3. Design the rollover effects for the CTAs’ (Call To Action):

Call-To-Action is one of the important elements in designing. The use of CTA at the right place and the page are the marks of a good designer. We generally see the CTAs with an image along with the link, but when placed a rollover effect, there’s a change in color and saturation of the CTA, whenever someone hovers it. With this effect, there’s a lot of impact on the visitors and seems to be more appealing.

4. Managing the PSD files:

When you convert your PSD files to HTML and CSS, these files should be stored and managed properly. Keeping files in an organized manner will help you locate all of the layers with an ease. It is advisable to have a proper naming convention for all the layers, groups, PSD, HTML, and CSS files. With this, you and the new designer can easily work with the files. Follow a grid structure to place the files while converting them into PSD to HTML. Once, you follow the architecture of the files and folders, it becomes very easy for you to locate and work with the files.

5. Breathing space between the elements:

Keeping the right amount of space between all the elements is very important. This allows the user to easily search and scroll through the website. With the spacing between the elements, you can easily attract the users to your website and convert them into customers.

6. Follow the standard browser resolution:

A designer should be careful of the browser resolutions while designing. The designer should follow the standard resolution of 1300 pixels, which is necessary for the scrolling of the websites on both the ways. This provides a decent look to the websites, keeping the customers and the visitors connected.

7. Right Font & color selection:

When you are trying to convert the PSD files to HTML files, you need to know that different fonts are viewed differently in different browsers. So, proper use of font family and size in your design helps to create a rapo in the minds of the user and the customer. This creates uniformity and provides a decent appearance of the website.

PSD to HTML Conversion Benefits

PSD to HTML conversion is a wise step in making the website unique. Also, helps in your business by the following ways:

  1. Drives traffic to your website by increasing search visibility

  2. Flexile SEO structure

  3. Reliable coding

  4. Augments user experience

  5. Ensures cross-browser compatibility

These are some tips which will help the designers to convert PSD to HTML easily. For more assistance in this, please visit our website or email us at or give us a call on +44 2081446541.

Ajay Panchal

Ajay Panchal

Ajay Panchal is a senior SEO executive at Techno Infonet. He has an extensive experience in the field of SEO. Helped many clients to grow their business through SEO.