7 Reasons to use Bootstrap for your PSD to HTML Conversions

Are you looking to build a responsive, mobile-friendly, functional, and seamless website for your business? Do you have a PSD or Sketch design and wondering what the best way to move forward is?

7 Reasons to use Bootstrap for your PSD to HTML Conversions

Posted on : Aug 01, 2019

Front-end development today has come a long way far from what it was just a few years ago. With users and search engines adopting a mobile-first strategy, front-end development is more challenging than what it was five years ago. The introduction of mobile responsive web, improved design standards, new code requirements all add to the challenge.

Should you go for Automated Software that Convert PSD to HTML?

You could be tempted to use software that offers to convert PSD to HTML. The major problems with these automated tools are that you cannot build a truly custom HTML/CSS code for your site and it lacks the pixel-perfect conversions, that you get only when you hand-code your PSD to HTML. Conversion software is more of a hassle causing you to spend more time fixing bugs and making changes later on.

Now, coming to the crux of the question, which framework to use for front-end development?

Choosing the Right Framework

There are plenty of frameworks that make it easy to design a responsive mobile-friendly site, without having to code every single line from scratch. Front-end frameworks focus on three main areas – HTML, JavaScript, and CSS frameworks.

When you choose a framework, it reduces the amount of code used on your site, thereby reducing coding time and overall costs. Additionally, frameworks help to enhance the features and functionality of your site, thereby improving user experience.

With that said, not all frameworks are equal. You need to look for a framework that has extensive community support so that you receive regular upgrades.

This is where Bootstrap comes into the picture. It’s one of the most robust and versatile front end frameworks today, and it makes front end development super quick and hassle-free. The best part is that Bootstrap is fully responsive, so you can easily make your website responsive, without going through extra coding.

What is Bootstrap? – A Quick Introduction

Designed and developed by a Twitter employee, Bootstrap has emerged as one of the most preferred front-end frameworks. Initially, it was introduced as a Twitter Blueprint but is now open-source. It’s responsive, robust, and mobile-friendly. Bootstrap offers plenty of advantages for PSD to HTML conversions.

Top 7 reasons for why you should go in for PSD to HTML using Bootstrap

1. Extremely Easy to Use

Bootstrap is easy, intuitive, highly adaptable, and quick to use, thereby reducing the overall time taken for your project. Bootstrap can be used along with CSS, SASS, and LESS.

2. Built for Responsiveness

Today, it’s no longer a choice but mandatory for all websites to be responsive to work seamlessly across devices of all sizes. Creating a fluid-grid layout that alters according to the end screen resolution is smooth and easy with Bootstrap.

It utilizes a 12-column grid that holds several nested elements. You can use this for building a responsive site. Alternatively, if you prefer a secured layout, Bootstrap allows you to do so.

3. Speedy Development Time

When you opt for PSD to HTML Bootstrap, you can build a new, fresh and fully-functional website quickly. Bootstrap lets you use ready-made code blocks, that save you the need of coding from scratch. Additionally, Bootstrap offers you cross-browser compatibility and ready-made themes, all of which help to reduce the development time.

4. Ease of Customization

Bootstrap makes it easy to customize each element on your site. You can choose from various CSS components, JavaScript components, and other utilities helping you build a fully customizable site quickly.

5. Consistent Support

Bootstrap has a huge community, which helps in keeping the framework consistently updated. Bootstrap is hosted on GitHub and has thousands of contributors and other members.

6. Packaged JavaScript Components and Pre-styled Components

Bootstrap has packaged JavaScript components for various functionalities like modal windows, tooltips, alerts, etc., thereby helping you avoid writing scripts for each of these elements. It also has hundreds of pre-styled components, helping you build a feature-rich and interactive site with ease.

7. Simple Integration

When you convert PSD to Bootstrap, you can quickly integrate your code with all leading platforms, helping you get your site up and running quickly.

The Last Word

Converting PSD to HTML is one of the crucial elements of web designing. As you can see, Bootstrap offers significant advantages, thereby becoming the preferred choice for web designers all over the world. The final step is finding a trusted and experienced PSD to HTML using Bootstrap service provider.

Professional PSD to HTML Conversion Services

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