7 Mistakes to Avoid For a Smooth PSD to Bootstrap Conversion Service

7 Mistakes to Avoid For a Smooth PSD to Bootstrap Conversion Service

Posted on : May 23, 2018

PSD to Bootstrap conversion has been rising to popularity due to the plethora of benefits that it is loaded with. Having said this, coding in Bootstrap is considered to be a child's play, as it can be understood effortlessly. In spite of its simplicity, there arises a situation where the developer commits mistakes, making way for an inaccurate web solution.

Let me walk you through a few mistakes that you need to avoid before you start using the Bootstrap so as to initiate a smooth conversion process. Read on to find out.

7 Bootstrap Mistakes to Avoid for a Smooth Conversion

1. Not having a thorough knowledge of Bootstrap :

Before you begin making use of Bootstrap it becomes extremely necessary to have innate knowledge on this free and open source front-end library. Not having a thorough knowledge, in itself will make it vulnerable to a lot many mistakes that will be encountered during the PSD to Bootstrap Service.

2. Not having sufficient knowledge of CSS :

The biggest mistake that a developer makes is not understanding the need to be well educated with CSS. As Bootstrap is creatively built by making use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript features, you get to lay your hands on one of the most promising web development tools. However, this does not impend you from not knowing the basics of CSS. For converting a PSD to Bootstrap, you need to be well aware of the concept of responsive design. Hence, it becomes mandatory for the developer to be aware of CSS well in advance as it will accelerate the conversion process.

3. Making use of each and every feature that Bootstrap has on its platter :

The best part of Bootstrap is that it is loaded with a plethora of features, a lot of UI components and variety of plugins. The diversity in the Bootstrap does not imply that each and every feature has to be utilized during the conversion process. If you tend to use every feature, then you might end up with a complicated web solution. Make use of only those features that are fundamental to the success of the conversion process.

4. Not making proper use of modal prompt :

One of the biggest and the best advantages of Bootstrap is it modal prompt. The modal prompt exhibits an extreme level of ease and flexibility when it comes to using smart defaults. Despite the well defined modal prompt, if it is not used effectively then there are chances of encountering error in the conversion process.

5. Making use of the older browsers :

Bootstrap is specifically designed to work on all the modern browsers. Working on older browsers will significantly increase your inconveniences. If you are still using desktops that work on the old browser version, then it's time to switch to the latest version. This will not only ease your process, but will also produce web solutions with great performance.

6. Burdening with Java codes :

Another grave mistake that developers usually commit is overloading the web solution with Java codes. Naive or amateur coders might end up over stuffing Java codes to make way for an acceptable web solution. The plethora of Bootstrap plugin can be easily used through the API markup, irrespective of the need to write down Java codes. This will immensely help you to avoid the under use or overuse of Java codes.

7. Not considering proper bootstrap tools :

Bootstrap is generously armed with a lot many tools that help in the development process. If you are prone to making a lot many mistakes, then it is time to consider some important Bootstrap tools that will help you to eliminate the consequences of mistakes that you are making during the conversion process. One of the most admired tools is Boot lint. This tool immensely helps you in your development process by eliminating the simple mistakes disrupting the overall progress. Boot lint can be put into practice either through in-browser or the command line which keeps a track of the Bootstrapped web pages for errors. Hence, do not forget to make generous use of the the Bootstrap tools

Final Note :

Above-mentioned are some of the common yet prominent mistakes that should be avoided while making use of Bootstrap. When you are familiar with all the concepts, tools and functioning of this free and open source front-end library, you make way for a smooth PSD to Bootstrap service. Also, make sure that you keep on practicing as this will immensely help you in avoiding petty or rather critical mistakes.

Ajay Panchal

Ajay Panchal

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