6 Basic Steps To Convert a PSD File To HTML

6 Basic Steps To Convert a PSD File To HTML

Posted on : Mar 05, 2018

Developing a website is one big process that has many small yet important steps associated with it. One of the important steps is the PSD to HTML conversion. Now how do you go about with the conversion process? The technicality has a lot many steps to be trodden. Let me familiarize you with the basic steps that gracefully initiates the PSD to HTML process. Read on to find out about them.

6 Basic Steps to convert PSD file to HTML :

1. Planning and wireframing your thoughts :
The first and the most important step in the PSD to HTML conversion process is the planning stage. When you create a wireframe you get a chance to give direction to your thoughts and ideas. The black and white image proves to be an essential tool to detect problems such as overcrowding, insufficient space utilization and many such elements that might disrupt the website's charm. Hence, wireframing should not be ignored as it greatly helps in preventing errors, staying organized and creating a strong foundation for your website's journey.

2. Creating the PSD file :
After wireframing, the next step would be to design. This will provide you an insight into the visibility of your website. The color, logos, content and many such elements get to have their presence when you design the wireframe into a PSD file. Make sure that all these elements are placed on different layers so that it becomes easy to carry out further actions. In short, a PSD file is the reflection of a website that is yet to be functional.

3. Slice it out :
After you have sketched the design, the next step would be to slice it. Slicing here refers to cutting one whole image to many tiny and meaningful images that add up to the glory of the webpage. This further helps in the coding process as you get to understand its nuances in detail.

4. Creating essential directories :
Staying organized plays a major role in creating a good end result. Hence make sure that you have created the essential directories that which includes the images, the main folder with the website's name and a CSS file that would help in the smooth conversion process.

5. Converting it to HTML :
After slicing and creating directories comes the coding process. You can very well begin the process by focusing on a particular section one by one. Also look after connecting the Cascading Style Sheets to the HTML pages for getting the desired style in the website that is being coded. Go section wise so that you get to stay organized in your coding process.

6. The testing stage :
The last but not the least do not forget to test the process after every few steps. It is advisable to keep testing on a web browser for better understanding. Do not keep the entire testing process for the final stage, otherwise, things would become quite difficult in nature, especially when it comes to solving bugs.

Convert PSD file to HTML

The above-mentioned are the basic steps explaining the essence of converting PSD file to HTML. Having said this, the market out there has an online converter that would automatically convert PSD file to HTML. This is yet another important method that could be used to convert PSD file to HTML, wherein you could save your time, energy and money. Having said this, it is always advisable to hand code the designs to HTML because this will ensure authenticity and also make it easy to detect errors quite easily.



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