5 Reasons to opt for WordPress development services

Wordpress development service is one of the most popular choices for a content management system. Almost 25% of the websites have been created using this platform.

5 Reasons to opt for WordPress development services

Posted on : Feb 18, 2020

An online website is crucial for your business as it makes your venture, worthy and reliable. It acts as a tool for connecting directly to your prospective consumers, showcasing your business and enhancing its visibility. There are numerous options available for developing a fully functional website. Wordpress development service is one of the most popular choices for a content management system. Almost 25% of the websites have been created using this platform.

Before opting for a web development service, you should be well aware of several important aspects of the platform that may affect the efficacy, performance and flexibility of the website as your business grows and evolves in the future. Let’s evaluate how WordPress development services fare with regards to these factors.

A platform that stands out and suits all types of websites

While choosing for a web development platform, you will come across many options that suit specific needs. Wordpress is an easy and powerful content management platform that helps you create appealing websites. It is counted as a versatile platform that can accommodate blogging, e-commerce, content tools and many other varieties of websites. It has a huge collection of tailor-made themes for different requirements.

You may even consider PSD to WordPress conversion if you have a Photoshop design file ready that you wish to use as a WordPress template. Also, try opting for experienced companies, which have a track record n the business of web development and can handle all types of issues and requirements. Whiles newbie developers often quote cheaper prices but they may give you trouble later on.

1. Access to tools and a variety of plug-ins:

Do your research and understand the tools and plug-ins offered by the platform. Plug-ins are like tools that help you in adding unique features to your website. They are available for both back-ends as well as front-end. As for WordPress, it offers you approximately 40,000 free and paid plug-ins. Few of the plug-ins that it offers are:

2. Askimet Anti-spam:

This is one plug-in that handles spammers and lets you ensure the integrity of your website. It reviews and filters the comments entered on your website and points out the spam messages. It is a free plug-in by WordPress.
Yoast SEO: It is one of the very useful plug-ins offered by WordPress. It helps you to control the content like heading, keywords and tags, etc that you wish to place on the first page of different search engines. This is also a free plug-in.
Google analytics dashboard: If you wish to access the real-time traffic details like the session, page views, search engine analytics, traffic channels, etc, this plug-in is for you. It is available free of cost for personal and commercial websites.

3. Eye-catching layouts and designs:

Another reason to opt for WordPress is access to eye-catching themes and layouts. Wordpress offers thousands of free as well as paid themes, which are highly-customizable for different types of websites. Whatever your requirement may be, you will certainly find a suitable theme for it. Wordpress also offers Premium themes that offer additional functionalities and suitable for a variety of business needs.

4. Safety and security essentials:

As an owner of the website, you may be concerned regarding the safety and security of your website and its contents. Also, breach of data and cyber-attacks are not uncommon these days. Hence a platform that ensures complete protection of your data is a must. WordPress offers a wide variety of cybersecurity plug-ins that protects the vulnerability of your website. Also, the WordPress team guides you in strengthening your data protection from all kinds of cyberattacks. Hence you can stay worry-free for security issues.

5. Community Support:

Not all companies provide support after-sales. As for WordPress, it is a free open source platform that gives you commendable support through its support forum. It has a worldwide community that can help you 24*7. Thousands of people are available through the forum, to help you and answer your queries quickly and promptly. Since the number of users is large, the probability of finding appropriate answers to your questions is reasonably high.
Final Note

Now, as you are ready to launch your website, you should be aware and invest your time in finding a suitable web development platform for it. Among the many options available, WordPress is highly recommended and opted by people. Once you set up an eye-catching, functional and secure website, it may help you get good returns in the future.


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